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Article on CO2 alarms for boats found by Bob Timms Click here

Further information from the Environment Agency on the TVM trial.
News Release
Facts Sheet

The EA have started implementing their new policy on short tem moorings.

Responsibility for collecting mooring fees is now with Thames Visitor Moorings. New signs are being erected the first one is at Weybridge

You now need to register your presence.  at the mooring by contacting TVM on arrival. The hope is it will discourage boaters from overstaying.

For more information visit the TVM website

A brief summary from the TNUF (Thames Navigation Users Forum) which I attended yesterday (22nd sep).

Enforcement:- Kingston Reach: 58 Checks carried out, 19 notices issued, 2 wrecks removed

Eynsham Reach:- unknown number checks, and notices issued.

Reading Reach;_ ongoing collaboration with Reading Borough Council. Some housing benefit being paid to itinerants which is going to the EA as licence fee.

4 Successful prosecutions.

CRT:- Much discussion on the CRT taking the EA navigation.  Ongoing discussions between EA and CRT to give information on the EA assets. Things like Flood risks and supply of drinking water to be taken into consideration. If CRT take over it will mean an immediate increase of 20% on our registration fee as at the moment we pay a registration fee which does not attract VAT.

New Pilot scheme:-

Pilot trial of a new web site to locate EA 24 hour visitor moorings. Lots of info on each mooring including any charges and ability to register your arrival and pay any fee required.

Intention is to gather more revenue for the EA from visiting moorers and monitor the sites.

 Have a look and see what you think


Pump Outs:- Suggestion that fee for pump out will need to go up OR some may have to be removed in favour of using commercial ones  ( I pointed out that there are no commercial pump outs in our end of the river!)

I had a one to one discussion with Barry Russell, the new waterways manager, about the state of the river above Oxford.

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