Swan (Radcot) Cruiser Club
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Est 1985

SRCC Mooring Lines.

ATYC News Letters.

Latest news on the Canal & River Trust bid to run the Thames navigation

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Article on CO2 alarms for boats found by Bob Timms Click here

The EA have started implementing their new policy on short tem moorings.

Responsibility for collecting mooring fees is now with Thames Visitor Moorings. New signs are being erected the first one is at Weybridge

You now need to register your presence.  at the mooring by contacting TVM on arrival. The hope is it will discourage boaters from overstaying.

For more information visit the TVM website


News letters,  News items & other useful stuff

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 Mooring Lines No 67    Nov 2011

Emergency Rendezvous Points

Official rendezvous points. Handy to keep on your boat incase you ever need emergency

services on the river

Club Constitution

Customer Charter

For 2018/19 now published

Floating Pennywort Advice

If seen you can report it to




EA boat registration fee set to rise again next year by 5.7% and

a further  5.7% the following year.